May 10, 2022

Cortexyme Announces Agreement to Acquire Novosteo

‍SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – May 10,2022 – Cortexyme, Inc. (Nasdaq: CRTX), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to improving the lives of patients diagnosed with degenerative diseases, today announced that it entered into an agreement under which the company plans to acquire Novosteo, a privately-held biotech company focused on targeted therapeutics to treat rare skeletal diseases, bone cancer and injury.
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December 30, 2021

Analysis of the bone fracture targeting properties of osteotropic ligands

Although more than 18 million fractures occur each.year in the U.S., methods to promote fracture healing still rely primarily on fracture stabilization, with use of bone anabolic agents to accelerate fracture repair limited to rare occasions when the agent can be applied to the fracture surface. Because management of broken bones could be improved if bone anabolic agents could be continuously applied to a fracture over the entire course of the healing process, we undertook to identify strategies that would allow selective concentration of bone anabolic agents on a fracture surface following systemic administration.
December 30, 2021

Healing efficacy of fracture-targeted GSK3β inhibitor-loaded micelles for improved fracture repair

An evaluation of the fracture healing capabilities of a GSK3β inhibitor, 6-bromoindirubin-3′-oxime, coupled with an aspartic acid octapeptide in a micellar delivery system. The efficacy of the intravenously administered micelles to accelerate healing of femoral fracture in mice was evaluated. Micro-computed tomography analysis was employed to obtain bone density, total volume, relative volume, trabecular thickness and trabecular spacing.
December 30, 2021

Bone-Fracture-Targeted Dasatinib-Oligoaspartic Acid Conjugate Potently Accelerates Fracture Repair

Approximately 6.3 million bone fractures occur annually in the United States, resulting in considerable morbidity, deterioration in quality of life, loss of productivity and wages, and sometimes death (e.g., hip fractures). Although anabolic and antiresorptive agents have been introduced for treatment of osteoporosis, no systemically administered drug has been developed to accelerate the fracture-healing process.


Fracture-Targeted Anabolic Therapy of Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Presented at ASBMR 2021
We have developed a systemically administered fracture-targeted therapeutic with a high affinity to bone fractures. By improving the specificity of anabolics to fractures, we see significantly accelerated bone repair, reduced systemic affects, and no ectopic bone formation. We have previously demonstrated excellent fracture healing compared to saline, teriparatide, and abaloparatide in healthy, osteoporotic, and diabetic mice. Here we explore efficacy in OI fractures.
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Re-engineering An Anabolic To Target Fracture Repair Following Systemic Injection

Presented at ORS 2020
We are developing a promising potent but nontoxic fracture-targeted bone anabolic agent that is injected systemically but accumulates selectively on a bone fracture surface. The targeted therapy avoids the requirement for invasive surgery and eliminates the danger of ectopic bone growth while improving the rate and quality of bone fracture repair.
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