Novosteo Team

Novosteo has hired a highly experienced and successful executive team that has collectively founded, built and managed many companies.  

The Novosteo team has raised hundreds of millions of investment capital for prior companies and executed many successful exits through IPOs or acquisitions that have resulted in high-multiple returns for investors. Their prior drug development endeavors have resulted in more than 30 product approvals, saving and improving the lives of millions of people.

Dirk Thye, MD

Chief Executive Officer
Agenovir, Cidara, Cerexa, Peninsula Pharmaceuticals

Karen Smith, MD,  PhD, MBA, LLM

Chief Medical Officer
Jazz, Emergent Biosolutions, Allergan, AstraZeneca, BMS

Brendan Hannah, MBA

Chief Operating Officer
Neuroptika, Agenovir, Cidara, Cubist, Trius

Stewart A. Low, PhD

Founder, Chief Scientific Officer
Primary inventor of Novosteo IP, Purdue


Join a team that is leading the charge for better bone health for many suffering from a variety of debilitating diseases.

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